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Glamorgan School


Classes: Monday Artistic and Wednesday Rhythmic

$117 per term





WARM UP: We start our classes with a general 15 minute warm up and stretch including shapes which ensure all the muscle groups are well stretched to avoid injury. During this time the coaches encourage awareness of the different body parts and teach the children specific gymnastics shapes which are used on the apparatus throughout the rest of the lesson.

CLASS STRUCTER: Each group works on various apparatus, 2-3 rotations per session for the rest of the class

*GIRLS: Floor, Beam, Bar, Vault

*GIRLS: Floor, Hoop, Rope, Ball, Ribbon

TO FINISH: At the end of each class the gymnast of the day sticker is awarded to the child in each group who has worked the hardest or achieved a goal for that day.



Monday Artistic Only

Session 1. 4.30pm-5.30pm for (5-7yrs)

Session 2. 5.30pm-6:30pm for (7-9yrs)

Wednesday Rhythmic Only

Session 1. 3.30pm-4.30pm for (5-7yrs)

Session 2. 4.30pm-5:30pm for (7-10yrs)

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Address: Glamorgan School Hall, 145 Glamorgan Drive, Torbay

Phone: (09) 443 2570




If you withdraw from a class midterm you will be charged the following:

Week 1 – 1x class (Regardless of attendance)

Week 2 – 2x classes (Regardless of attendance)

Week 3 till the end of each term – all classes up to and including the week you cancel the class (regardless of attendance) PLUS a $20.00 admin fee.

This applies to every class booked on your account per term.

*We encourage parents to drop their children off as the coaches and children can find parents a bit of a distraction. Also if you are bringing younger children with you please make sure they are supervised at all times*