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The moveMprove program is suitable for all primary aged children but is especially benefical for children aged 5-8 years old. The classes are based on developing the fundamental movement patterns which are essential for any other sports or activities that the children might take up in the future.

These skills are:

* Safe Landings (imperative for every sport and in play)

* Spring (learning how to jump properly on and off all different heights and surfaces)

* Rotation (forwards, backwards, sideways, over, under and through)

* Balance (on different heights and surfaces while doing different shapes and movements)

* Locomotion (all different types of body movements and in all directions)

* Swing (grip strength as well as fast, slow and in all directions)

* Manipulative Skills (hand eye coordination and hand held equipment skills)

These are a set of recurring movements that form the building blocks for more complex skills in all sports and life. We are not born with the ability to perform these skills naturally so time must be taken to allow the children to learn these skills at their own rate. Good teaching practices set alongside a structured program is the best and most efficient way for all children to learn these lifelong skills. They are the beginning of physical literacy which help all children to further their academic and physical growth and are also very useful in the classroom.

The children will work intensively on activities that build these patterns for the 6 week program.