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North Harbour Gymnastics Club is the home of Xtreme Rhythmix Gymnastics Club. Click here for Xtreme Rhythmix full Website.

Xtreme Rhythmix offers rhythmic gymnastics in three levels: Recreational gymnastics, known as RhythmFlex, the National Levels programme and the International programme. Each of these programmes are offered to the gymnast at the appropriate progression and age determined by the coach and the club committee.

Mission Statement

Xtreme Rhythmix Gymnastics Club delivers gymnast focused programmes in a safe nurturing environment with quality coaches to enable each gymnast to develop skills and reach their fullest potential.


Xtreme Rhythmix is the leading club for Rhythmic Gymnastics in New Zealand, offering a wide range of programmes, in a high quality facility and supporting quality coaching staff to service the training and competition needs of all our members.

Contact:  for further information