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The MAG competitive programme at North Harbour Gymnastics focuses on teaching high-level skills in order to prepare gymnasts to compete in the New Zealand competitive programme. Our gymnasts work towards representing the club and country at national and international events. We have a strong history in producing gymnast who have represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games and world Championships. We offer Pre Competitive Classes, Junior Levels, Senior Levels pathways. Competitive gymnastics at North Harbour focuses on the six olympic apparatus including Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, P Bars and High Bar.


If you have any questions regarding Competitive Gymnastics at North Harbour please read the "North Harbour Competitive Handbook" below:




For further information please contact either:


Lead coach (Dane Smuts)




Manager Competitive Gymnastics (Cameron Beeton)


MAG 2017 Results

Early Bird (Level 1-3) Click HERE


Kieran Bishop (Level 1-6) Click HERE


MIGS (Level 1-5) Click HERE


Marlborough Champs (Level 4-JI) HERE


MAG Junior Levels Routines (Level 1-3)


For video examples of the junior boys levels routines please click HERE. It is benifitial for the junior boys to watch these videos to help them remember their full foutines and help them understand what their skills should look like.


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