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For children (5+ years)

Girls - Invite Only Classes

1½ hrs: cost $150.00 per term

2 hrs: cost $160.00 per term

North Harbour’s Extension program offers a more structured and challenging environment for children who show a particular aptitude for the sport of gymnastics and would like to do more than one hour per week. The longer sessions help the children attain and master new and more difficult gymnastics skills. They still participate in the Recreational Competitions but in the Extension Level.

All extension groups are ability based and assessments are organised once a year for these classes if places are available.


MONDAY: 5.30pm-7:30pm Girls 10+

TUESDAY: 4pm-5:30pm Girls 8+

WEDNESDAY: 4:30pm-6:30pm Girls Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

**The hours above are the minimum hours that each child must attend their Extension Class. If your child would like to do more than the minimum hours then they can attend another class during the week**



WARM UP: Each class starts with a quick run around to warm up the muscles. Then approximately 30 minutes is spent on comprehensive stretching and conditioning – including splits.

APPARATUS: Each week the children will work on different apparatus depending on what the coach has planned for the lesson.

*GIRLS: Floor, Beam, Bar, Vault and Trampoline                            

*BOYS: Floor, Bar, Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars and Trampoline

TO FINISH: The children do a short warm down and stretch to finish and are given some feedback on how they did during the class.



If you withdraw from a class midterm you will be charged the following:

Week 1 – 1x class (Regardless of attendance)

Week 2 – 2x classes (Regardless of attendance)

Week 3 till the end of each term – all classes up to and including the week you cancel the class (regardless of attendance) PLUS a $20.00 admin fee.

This applies to every class booked on your account per term.


*Leotards are ideal, but not compulsory. Fitted shorts and t-shirt are fine. Children must have bare feet unless medical reasons state otherwise. Long hair must be tied up and no jewelry. Club leotards for girls and club shorts/t-shirts for boys are available at the office and can be worn to training and the competitions*